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 Ingame Rules

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Lumbridge-PvP Ingame Rules

The Lumbridge-PvP ingame rules are in place to make Lumbridge-PvP as enjoyable as possible, while not offending anyone. There are 3 categories of rules, each has they're own set punishment. The punishments listed will only be recommended, as always staff members have they're discretion and the final say.

Offensive Language
Offensive language is defined in Lumbridge-PvP as any term or message, that could, even if not meant that way offend someone. Baiting someone to use offensive language is also in breach of this rule. Although not offensive, excessive spamming also comes under this rule. When you disrespect a member of the Lumbridge-PvP staff repeatedly, this will also serve in violation of this rule.
Offence grade: Low

Advertising is posting a link, or directions to a link off of the Lumbridge-PvP website. Links to websites such as Google, and Yahoo are exempt from this rule. This rule is to protect your computer from viruses and other nasty things on the Internet. Advertising other private servers is considered a worst case scenario in this rule's category.
Offence grade: Medium

Staff Impersonation
Staff impersonation is the act of misrepresenting your self as a form of Lumbridge-PvP staff. Lumbridge-PvP staff will always have a crown before they're name, if they don't then they are not staff.
Offence grade: High

Item Scamming
Item scamming is when a user tricks another player into giving them an item for personal gain. This includes switching out items at the trade screen, and misrepresenting "rare" items.
Offence grade: Medium

Password Scamming
Password scamming is when you fraudulently gain access to another users account. This includes asking for passwords, guessing passwords or any other way to gain access to an others account.
Offence grade: High

Bug Abuse
If you find a bug in Lumbridge-PvP it is your duty to report it, any attempt to exploit it to give you an unfair advantage over other players is in direct breach of this rule.
Offence grade: Low

Using a macro, or "bot" is effectively advantaging you over other players who genuinely play the game. For this reason, any attempt to use 3rd party software to your gain in game is breaching this rule.
Offence grade: High

Account trading/sharing
Account trading is when you, for real life money or in game money, trade your account away. We believe that you can't put a price on effort, for this reason account trading will not be tolerated.
Offence grade: High

Encouraging other to break the rules
We have rules in place for a reason, if you encourage anyone to break them you will be punished as if you actually broke that rule yourself.
Offence grade: Staff discretion

Please read these, and remember not reading them is not a defence!

If you see someone breaking the rules, report them as soon as possible.
Please only report people for serious offences, reports for things such as a user saying a swear word will be ignored.

Failing to comply your punishments, will result in the ban being doubled.

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Ingame Rules
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