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 READ before posting a poll!

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READ before posting a poll! Empty
PostSubject: READ before posting a poll!   READ before posting a poll! EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 9:24 pm

A lot of people don't know what the rules exactly are when it comes to posting a poll here. Therefore I have listed them all here, before starting a poll in this forum, please make sure it qualifies to these points:
  • Please try to refrain from posting "Joke" polls.
  • Don't post polls unless you actually want to know what people think. In other words, don't post a poll for every question you can think of. Posting polls we consider to be junk will result in you being infracted, and the poll being deleted.
  • Do not post polls about anyone else. This includes things like "Who do you like better?" and "What do you think of this person?".
  • Do not post polls about "The next mod" or something similar.
  • Do not post polls about other RuneScape private servers (Similar to the 3rd rule) "Which do you like better?"

READ before posting a poll! Sig10
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READ before posting a poll!
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