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 I have been waiting...

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I have been waiting... Empty
PostSubject: I have been waiting...   I have been waiting... EmptyMon Mar 19, 2012 6:31 am

Well many of you know me. 2 of them are Lord Forever and Retro. As usual i help many ppl and dont get rewarded but i want to introduce myself for the newcomers.

My name is Ghostdark8 (Ghost)

I can speak many languages such as: Swedish, English, Irish, Canadian, Russian and many other languages.

About me:

Im Swedish, W00T?!

I like cookies and coca cola. (hmmhmm)

I love the Internet. (ofc u do)

I have had a RuneScape acc since 1999. (WTF GIVE ME A 13 YEAR OLD VETERAN HELPER CAPE?!)

I can bench like 530 (Bandos)

I live in Sweden. (We already know!)

And what's more to say? I like to play games.

This was my intro and i hope u like it!

SEE YA IN-GAME! Especially Retro....... (xD)

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I have been waiting...
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